Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dedicated Sound and Audio, Inc.’s Onsia Patriotic Canvas Collection

Dedicated Sound and Audio, Inc., is a Lake Forest, California, company that offers a full range of flat-panel hidden speaker solutions that place sound discreetly behind works of art. Driven by continuous technology research, Dedicated Sound and Audio, Inc.’s Onsia speakers are sold as Sound Art canvasses that benefit from sound that travels via vibrations across panel spaces and creates an optimal listener experience. 

Beyond the superior auditory qualities, Onsia canvasses also provide a winning aesthetic experience, with warm Bluetooth music generated behind a full range of artistic canvasses. These include a number of Patriotic Collection designs launched in 2016 on Independence Day. One of the most popular of these is the iconic Patriotic American flag print, which features a saluting soldier silhouetted by a vintage Old Glory. 

The Military Boots & American Flag canvas features a lineup of march-ready boots with red and white stripes in the background. The Navy Destroyer canvas takes the viewer to the deck of an artillery equipped vessel guarding the sea at sunset, while Red Arrows Air Display features a coordinated formation of air show planes just after making a tight mid-air turn. To access the full range of Onsia Patriotic Collection designs, visit https://shop.onsia.com.